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The MakoCraft 2014 range of boats feature models available to suit almost any style of boating...


Special Edition / New Release

432 Commander



Topper Tracker Range

306 Topper Tracker     346 Topper Tracker     376 Topper Tracker



Heavy Duty Dinghy Range

371 Heavy Duty Dinghy     410 Heavy Duty Dinghy



Estuary Tracker Open Range

391 Estuary Tracker Open     421 Estuary Tracker Open

441 Estuary Tracker Open



Estuary Tracker Tournament Range

391 Estuary Tracker Tournament     421 Estuary Tracker Tournament

441 Estuary Tracker Tournament     491 Estuary Tracker Tournament



Dory Range

445 Dory     465 Dory



S.U.V. & Max S.U.V. Range

445 S.U.V.     489 S.U.V.     520 S.U.V.



Frenzy Range

445CC Frenzy     489CC Frenzy    520CC Frenzy

445SC Frenzy     489SC Frenzy     520SC Frenzy



Plate Series (Including Mako Cat Range)

MakoCraft offer a custom built plate range of boats from 4.85 to 7.00 metres in both single and multi hull configurations. For more information please contact your local MakoCraft Dealer.